Book Review · India

Review: The Age of Kali by William Dalrymple

“As I was told again and again on my travels around the 
subcontinent, India is now in the throes of the Kali Yug,
the Age of Kali, the lowest possible throw, an epoch of 
strife, corruption, darkness and disintegration.” 
-William Dalrymple

The Age of Kali is a running commentary of modern India 
post partition. It deals mostly with the political and 
social changes. This book discusses India in its entirety. 
There is also a chapter dedicated to India's neighbouring 
countries in relation to the subcontinent.

Some of the issues discussed, though sensitive, have been 
dealt with with diplomacy and tact. An interesting fact 
was knowing that Dalrymple actually travelled around India
meeting people, including their stories, as well as writing
down his own experiences. At times, it's like reading a log
book or a diary. 

The Age of Kali is very well written. It's witty, touching, 
and once you've begun you can't put it down. It's packed 
with information that's both relevant and fascinating. I 
can't imagine it to be disappointing for anyone.

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