Book Review

Crooked House by Agatha Christie

The Leonides are a very closely knit family with Aristide,
the grandfather, being the head. What Aristide lacks in
looks he makes up in charm and intelligence. So it comes
as a mystery when he is injected wth a deadly barbiturate.
Who would have wanted a sickly old man, devoted to his 
family, dead?

The outcome of the story is bewildering. Even though the 
facts are laid out plainly enough, the outcome had me 
feeling like Watson who, similarly, reached the wrong 
conclusion despite all facts laid bare.

Not surprisingly, Agatha Christie classifies Crooked House 
as one of her best, and added that it was a work of pure 
pleasure. This book is definitely one of the most captivating
and bewildering of all Agatha Christie's mysteries. A must 

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