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Review: The Secret Keeper by Shirley Eskapa

The reason I picked up this book was only because 
my uncle recommended it, saying it was very well 
written. Though I took a long time to get around to 
reading it, once I began I found that Shirley Eskapa
is, indeed, a remarkable writer. The very first 
sentence reels you in like the classic hook that 
writing guides keep telling you about. 

The entire story is written very simply and is yet 
very very intriguing and strangely complicated. 
It starts out with Nigel, a very successful English 
banker in Geneva, leaving his attractive wife of 
twenty years for a younger and more exciting 
German mistress. His wife returns to England, but 
leaves her young son behind. She believes that 
teenage boys can have a better upbringing with 
their fathers. There is, also, an underlying motive 
to this, and that is that she is determined to get 
her husband back. 

The Secret Keeper is more than just a story. It overlaps on a study of the minds of 
the husband, the wife, the mistress and the children involved. It's written subtly, 
yet everything is very clear and believable. The characters take up a life of their own.

One reason to pick up this book would be for the way the story has been told. The 
story may appear ordinary but once you begin, you begin to realize that the story is 
anything but ordinary. The outcome is amazing. This book will not disappoint easily.

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