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Why I Hate Doraemon, Beyblades, and Power Rangers

I've been trying for sometime now, to get my nine-year old cousin, Dhruv, to get into 
the habit of reading. I know he loves listening to stories. And he likes it when I read to
him. Yet for some reason he never picks up a book on his own. I find this a little difficult
 to understand because for me reading has always been an activity of pure pleasure.

When my brother and I were little we were both crazy bookworms. I remember reading
tons of Enid Blyton. And like too much of anything, it had its effects. We used to launch
grand expeditions to find fairies hidden under toadstools. Nothing seemed impossible. 
When my brother told me that he had gone to the moon on his bike, I believed him. It 
never occurred to me that he didn't even own an actual bike! Those were the after 
effects of reading Enid Blyton. 
A Fairy Township
Reading Tom sawyer and Huckleberry Finn stirred up in me the urge for adventure. In 
fact, sometimes my brother and I used to wake up in the morning and decide that it 
was a fine day for an adventure (we even spoke like that). Then we'd pack a snack
(usually an apple because that's what Tom and Huck used to take with them) and set 
out for an Adventure. Another time, I read a story about a boy who decided to make 
up a word. I can't remember the name of the book or the author, but it inspired me to
make up my own words. And that's how I came up with 'shippity' and 'flungy', among
other silly words.

I'm not sure which book it was that inspired my brother and me to invent this game. 
But it was the most fun game ever! The story revolved around two sisters with a lot of
children. Since I was the quintessential bossy older sister in real life I made him my 
sister in the game. And the reason we had so many children was because we didn't 
want any of our stuffed toys to feel excluded. Our husbands had died at war – honestly,
who cares about husbands when you're little? And the easiest way to get them out of
the story is to have them killed at war! Then there was this cunning but skilled 
kidnapper/ghost who was after our children and we had to run away. Pronto! The 
beginnings of an adventure!

This was how the game always began. The rest we invented as the game progressed. 
It was our favourite game! We spoke in exotic languages that only we could 
understand. We saw people that no one else could see and we travelled where no one 
else travelled. We probably appeared to be quite a schizophrenic pair. But that's what 
make-believe was to us. And because of it we were hardly ever bored.

I was only able to play this game with my brother, who read as much as I did. With 
other friends we did other things that were fun, usually games of house, cooking, 
hide n' seek, catch, and sword fighting. Nothing as creative and imaginative, though.

Now I don't expect Dhruv to play the same games we did. But I do wish that the time 
will come soon when he will want more than Doraemon, Beyblades, and Power Rangers.

20 thoughts on “Why I Hate Doraemon, Beyblades, and Power Rangers

  1. really like the way you’ve written this. was actually picturing things out while reading. that’s the best part. you should write more of these kinds. its fun to read them. way to go girl:D


  2. Now, this blog is after my own heart. Being mother to three (past n present) ‘monsies’ I know all about Doraemon, Beyblades and power rangers. And I also know all about cringing ever time I heard any of the ‘unmentionable’ words (speech bubble says – oh no! not again, just when I thought they’d forgotten) and I’d go out and buy more books in the hopes that they’d take to reading instead. Well, it’s working – that’s why I have past ‘monists’…. or perhaps it’s just part of ‘growing up’ or ‘out growing’


  3. …. the other thing I detest is automated spell checks (all computers seem to be infested with it). So instead of ‘Monsies’ I get ‘Monists’. Now why in the world would I want to say that? Monists mean ‘philosophical journals’. It’s a conspiracy – same as Doraemon, Beyblades and all the other thingamajigs. (I love words – you can savor them, unlike blobs floating before your eyes, some can even send shivers down your spine. Words. Delicious)


  4. I never had any siblings to play that kind of make-believe with, and my cousins were more into dolls than reading. To this day I’m probably the only bookworm in my family. That being said, it sounds like y’all had great times. I hope you can share that with your cousin some time. =)


  5. I’m glad I don’t watch the stuff kids my age do. Acting all grown up sometimes is fun, not always but it is. But I used to watch the stuff so I can say with confidence; the beyblade we had was WAYYYYY better -.- BTW, you should do WAY more than blogging, you’re really good at this. 😀


      1. Hey it might not seem like it, but I write poetry too. 😀 so I’m fascinated by people’s minds and imagination, so its always fascinating to read stuff like this. Maybe ill show u my poetry sometime.


  6. Love the post and hearing the reminiscences of childhood.
    If I’m not mistaken, the book you are talking about in which the kid makes up the word is Frindle by Andrew Clements.
    Also, you mentioned how your cousin enjoys being read to but doesn’t like to read on his own. Have you ever tried trading off pages or chapters with him? He would still get the benefit of you reading to him, but he’d be practicing his reading skills and getting accustomed to reading on his own. Just a thought.


    1. Thank you for the great idea! I will definitely try that.

      It probably was Frindle, but I’m not sure. Those days I didn’t care too much about the title or author, all I cared about was the story :/


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