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Review: The Old Man and His God by Sudha Murty

This was the first of the two books that I’d read last week. After having read Watership Down and Uncle Tom’s Cabin I was feeling a little exhausted of novels and in the mood for something lighter. The Old Man and His God was exactly that. A compilation of about 25 stories spanning a little over a 100 pages, this book was a refreshingly light read.

In this book the author relates a few incidents from her life drawing a lesson or an interesting thought at the end of each. Some of the language is Indian English, as is the humour. (In case you’re wondering the author’s writing style is more like Arundhati Roy than Chetan Bhagat). But then most of the stories are about Indians in India. The stories are heartwarming and some of the thoughts stay on in your mind longer than others.

I especially liked the insight with which the author was able to draw the profoundest of lessons from the most simple everyday stories. The most interesting thing about this book is that it made me want to know the author as a person and not just a writer. I thought a lot of her personality came through in this book, and she seems very nice with a lot of interesting experiences to share.

If you’re looking to catch up on some light reading with depth to it, you will definitely enjoy reading The Old Man and His God.


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