Shocking News for a Sunday

Until yesterday evening I was looking forward to posting a review on the last book I’d read. But something horrible happened yesterday evening. And it seems wrong to write pleasant happy thoughts when you know people who are in pain.

Now I don’t know the family personally, but one of the doctors at our hospital just lost his three year old son in a terrible accident. And while all accidents are terrible, this must be the worst – to have your child fall from the fifth floor of the building where you live.

Nothing like this has ever happened before and the entire institution is in a state of shock. Yet what we feel is probably only a fraction of what that little boy’s family must be going through right now. Please remember them in your prayers.


12 thoughts on “Shocking News for a Sunday

  1. This news is so very sad. My heart goes out to the family. I will certainly keep the family in my prayers.

    We can never understand God’s plan but I believe there is a reason for it. Life can be very hard but with faith and love, we can endure.


  2. Yes wordless is the only response that comes to my mind. Am sure a lot of things happen which are not Gods plan, else we make him responsible for all the bad. I just wonder how his parents are enduring the pain. Such brief lives, such enormous pain


  3. I cannot even imagine the pain and horror this family is experiencing. What a tragedy. My prayers to them in this difficult time. I know they will need comfort for years to come.


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