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Warming up to Reading

I’m glad February has finally begun. I’ve got another chance for a new start. January was a dark, cold month in which my bed constantly beckoned and tricked me into believing that, perhaps, humans were meant ย to hibernate after all. All in all, I had a difficult juggling work, abiding by my new year resolutions, and the fight to wake up every morning. I even lost track of the dates and got mixed up with days! The good news is that after just a month of that we’ve entered a season where one sweater is enough to get a person through the entire day. I feel much happier about waking up in the mornings and even excited about having to put in an effort to live a meaningful life.

I’ll be trying to read and blog more often. My next book is Thomas Hardy’s Return of the Native. To be honest I’m not very excited about it even though Thomas Hardy’s books promise deep psychological insight and are considered a major contribution to English literature. Actually, while I’m being honest I may as well tell you that I’m not too excited about reading most of the books on my list for 2012. Except, perhaps, for the books I’ve already read, some the abridged versions of. And that’s the problem. I don’t care for adventure in exploring new books and new writers. That’s why this year I’ll be trying hard to expand my taste in books. I can’t be re-reading books/writers I like over and over again. Neither can my favourite genre be only YA Fiction, though I’ll always have a soft spot for it.

Books I plan to read versus books I'd rather read. The ones I plan to read are the plain old brown books and the red Hunger Spelen.

I hope everyone else has been having better luck keeping to their new year resolutions and are half way to happy accomplishments!


9 thoughts on “Warming up to Reading

  1. Wow! Thank you for the nomination! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can’t imagine how bad the weather must be where you are. Winter in North India is almost equivalent to Summer in Sweden (where I spent last Summer) and is very close to pleasant when the Sun is out.


  2. Geetanjali, you may have shared this somewhere before, but I’m curious. How do you decide what books to read?
    PS: Thomas Hardy? Whoa. More power to you.
    PS2: I love to re-read the same books again and again. There’s a level of comfort like with old friends :). My soft-spot is non-fiction.


  3. I really admire the fact that you enjoy reading non-fiction. I have been trying for some time now to make more time for non-fiction. For me reading non-fiction is the equivalent to choosing a documentary movie over a chick flick, which is very educational and a habit I need to develop.

    Most of my family loves reading as much as I do. Thomas Hardy was recommended to me by my mum. In fact a lot of the books on my list are books on my dad’s shelves which I haven’t read as yet, while some are books my mum and aunt remember reading a long time ago and still have fond memories of. And since our tastes in books are pretty much alike I tend to take their advice very often.


    1. Now that I’ve finally begun reading it, I’ve found that it isn’t as trying as I’d imagined it to be. But it would definitely make me feel a lot better if you were to read it too ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. It isn’t fun when reading becomes a chore. I’m all for expanding my horizons and challenging myself but then I allow myself some “what I want to read” books. I hope you do the same so reading doesn’t turn into a chore!!!


    1. To be honest, I don’t think I can stay “disciplined” for as long as I’d like to. After a couple of ‘must read’ books I tend to go back to my old reading habits. But I have noticed that ever since I began blogging the responsibility of reaching my reading goals weigh heavily. I definitely hope that I don’t overdo the challenge either :/


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