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First things Second!

I wanted to write on Sunday. But Sunday turned out to be fuller than expected. A friend came to visit and we had a grand time attending a wedding exhibition together. Of course, some of the clothes showcased cost more than a year’s salary of what I earn! But it was worth noting the styles and designs we liked for use later on.

Thanks to the wedding exhibition I now know that I want a pink and yellow salwar kameez made of silk and with an orange dupatta with gold coloured embroidery on the edges. Either that or a heavily embroidered pastel coloured saree with an embroidered silver coloured blouse. I have a few designs in mind for the blouse. And how could I forget the pearl chain belt!

Ordinarily I would never dream of wearing pink and yellow together – and that also canary yellow and Mithai pink! But after having moved to Punjab and finding out that colour combinations like these don’t make you stand out in a uncomfortable way, I have become more adventurous. It’s amazing how nice it feels to wear colours you’d ordinarily think twice about wearing anywhere else. Even more amazing is that people look at you admiringly instead of oddly. I love it! Another thing that I noticed after coming here is that as much as bright colours make you popular, dull colours like mustard, and brown, and ill fitting clothes cause you to be looked at oddly. Not only do I speak from first hand experience, but ever since I dared to change my boring ways I’ve been encouraging my friends and family to do the same. 

In more important news that takes second place today, I completed The Wind in the Willows yesterday. Relished it quite thoroughly! And then I dove straight into The Moonstone. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins, although it didn’t begin that way, is turning out to be immensely absorbing. In fact, I’ve been finding it very difficult to think of anything else without snatches of The Moonstone clouding my thoughts.

I will be back with a few book reviews, even some that I left pending before I left off blogging for a while. But until then I cannot say much that will be very ‘bookly’, as you have probably noticed already!


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