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A Mid-Term Review of My Reading Resolutions

I was going through the list of books I’d planned to read this year and was startled to see that I’ve only reviewed about eight books so far, although I have read more than that! Terrible! It’s a slight consolation that I have more books to review than to read. And it’s a a little disconcerting to think that even then I may not be able to read all the books on my list before the year’s over. It doesn’t help that I’ve been reading other books not on my list, some of which are too silly to review and post online. Two examples that come to mind are Nick Hornby’s, ‘A Boy,’ and Joanna Trollope’s, ‘Second Honeymoon’. While Nick Hornby did make me laugh every now and then I had some difficulty with the language which consisted largely of British slang. Joanna Trollope, I’m sorry to say, bored me so that I had to put her book down half way through.

Well, I now have to pay for having spent my reading time too frivolously. Either I spend more time devoted to reviewing or I give myself more time to complete reading all the books on my list. For now I’m deciding to catch up on pending book reviews and then read as much as I can. If this method turns out to be a chore I shall resort to renaming the page ‘Book List 2012’ to simply ‘Book List’, or ‘Book Bucket List’ or something similar.

Unfortunately, I’ve spent my entire Sunday practising the recorder and then lounging about eating apple pie. Naturally, reading and reviewing took a back seat to these more engaging activities that I now regret a twinge. But I will make up for my sparsely reviewed book list as soon as I can. Until then, hope everyone has a amazing week ahead! 


4 thoughts on “A Mid-Term Review of My Reading Resolutions

    1. Reading is a lot more fun then reviewing! Where reading takes you on adventures without requiring anything more than imagination, reviewing is much more demanding, in my opinion.


  1. I picked up Joanna Trollope’s ‘Brother and Sister’ at a used book store while on holiday and quite enjoyed it. I was excited thinking that I’d found a new author to read so as soon as I got home, I visited the library and borrowed ‘Friday Nights’. Sad to say, it was a huge disappointment.

    I just finished reading ‘Shanghai Girls’ by Lisa See and I would definitely recommend it.


    1. Perhaps I should give Joanna Trollope another chance. After all I did read only one of her books and that also one that related to the empty nest syndrome!

      I looked up Shanghai Girls online after seeing that you recommended it. It sounds like something I would enjoy. So many interesting books to read that aren’t on my list! Looks like I may have to extend the deadline for myself!


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