Rhyme Time

Rhyme Time: For Better and For Verse

For  today’s Rhyme Time session I’ve decided to share a poem from one of my brother’s favourite books from when he was little. I’ll be sharing a rhyme about Mr. Greedy from Roger Hargreaves’ Mr. Men Book of Silly Rhymes!

I can’t help it! I like children’s poetry. Even more, I like silly rhymes that make me smile and have me repeating them to every other person I meet. Also, this poem speaks to me considering that I’m always on the lookout for something fun to eat. And ever since the weather’s turned for the wetter (It’s been raining nearly non stop for the past two days!) everything that’s edible seems like fun food to me!

Mr Greedy lives to eat!

Mr Greedy likes his meat!

Potatoes, too, by the score.

And when he’s done, he asks for more!

Mr Greedy’s quite a size.

Mr Greedy loves French fries!

Mr Greedy’s tooth is sweeter.

Mr Greedy!

What an eater!

Ice cream sundaes!

Mondays, too!

On candy bars, he likes to chew!

Baked beans on toast,

And in between,

Plates and plates of rich ice cream!

Fish and chips, with sauce on top.

Mr Greedy cannot stop.

Mr Greedy!

Quite a figure!

Day by day he’s getting bigger!

But, all in all, one mustn’t grumble.

Except about his tummy rumble! 


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