Thuggy Thursday

A lot has been happening these past few weeks. My mother’s bag was snatched by two men on a bike. I was right next to her and didn’t know it happened. Since they were on a motor bike and we were on a cycle rickshaw there wasn’t much we could do apart from gawp and feel extremely violated.

So you see we couldn’t have possibly yelled to the rickshaw driver “After them!!”

The crime rate in Ludhiana has shot up disturbingly high in the span of just a few months. We’d heard of car thefts, bag snatching, murder, and rape. But then they were what you heard about only on TV and read in the newspapers. Reality hit when it happened to us. Now we don’t go out at night very often and I’ve had to put away my fake gold bangles. I know they’re counterfeit gold but my gold bangles make me feel cultured and beautiful. Unfortunately, my father went berserk when my mother’s bag was snatched. Strangely it wasn’t about the bag. He was mad because he thought that I was compromising my safety when I wore the bangles.

In spite of how unpleasant the evening had turned out to be there was one thing that warmed our hearts. My mother, Ben, Ben’s mother, and I had gone shopping in two rickshaws. When my mother’s bag was snatched she’d screamed involuntarily but no one heard. However, after a while both the rickshaws stopped. My mother and I were telling Ben and his mother what had happened when a man from a shop nearby walked up to us. He must have gathered that something unpleasant had happened because he asked us what had happened. So we told him.

“Have you called the police?” he asked.

“My phone was in my bag!” my mother replied.

He was very sympathetic and invited us to sit a while in his shop. He offered us tea and said we could use the phone in his shop. But we had no idea what we’d tell the police. It had all happened so fast and we hadn’t been able to note the license plate number nor see the faces of the two men. The kind shop owner listened and said we could come to his shop, sit down, and have some tea anyway. He even asked us if we had money to go home. And when my mother answered that her purse had been in the bag as well, he replied immediately that he’d give us the money to go home. Of course, Ben, his mother, and I still had our money with us. But who offers random strangers money to get home safely? It’s amazing, but this little piece of kindness made my mother and me feel so much better and less frightened and unsafe.

While this experience did indeed make us feel we were living the news, there have been other nicer exciting things happening as well. We’ve been travelling a lot. In the past one month and a half I’ve been to Amritsar and to Shimla twice. 

Choir practices have begun.

(I haven’t taken pictures of our practice sessions yet).

The project I’m working on at work is coming to a close and I’ve been busy preparing for a presentation. Also, now that my contract is coming to an end, the search for a new job is beginning. I’m very confused over the decisions I should make concerning my future. I’m working hard on my resume while still wondering if I should continue studying. But I have to work since I began investing earlier this year! Perhaps I should do both? But what do I want to study? Sometimes it’s easier to just beat my head against a wall than reason with myself.

I’m both worried and excited to leave home. It’s been lovely being able to run to my parents whenever I needed them. And since I’m working in the same hospital that my dad works in and live in the same campus that I grew up in most people are nice to me and very patient with my idiosyncrasies. I’ve been so happy, comfortable, pampered, and spoiled by everyone it’s frightening to think of venturing into uncharted territory. So these last few months that I have left at home I’m using to prepare myself for the future. For one, I’m learning to enjoy cooking.

We’ve passed the 669th word and I’ve explained how I’ve been occupied these past weeks. I cannot promise that I will blog again very soon. But I will try. I like blogging.

Oh, did I mention that I stopped the train on one of the trips to Shimla this past month? Yes, they forgot to serve me my breakfast. I did say I was spoiled, didn’t I? In this case it was a help. If I hadn’t spoken up we wouldn’t have had breakfast until we reached Shimla two hours later! It’s sometimes worth standing up for what you want to sit down to! 


10 thoughts on “Thuggy Thursday

      1. Nice to know everything happening.It was indeed a shock to hear about the snatching of mum’s bag a few days back.Happy to know that u are enjoying otherwise.All the best regarding your future plans and hoping to see u all soon.


  1. Beating one’s head against the wall works every time. No worries after that. Loved the post. Though I did know of the snatching, it was lovely to hear about the kind shop owner. These little pockets of kindness restores my faith in the goodness of people. (still thinking whether giving up the gold bangles is right or wrong – every time you see your bare wrists you will relive the experience). Oh well!!


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