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Reading to Survive

???????????????????????????????I recently discovered Daphne du Maurier. Of course, I had heard of Rebecca ages ago. But it had never appealed to me. Gloomy books hardly ever do. The book that drew me to her was The Glass Blowers. After that I’ve been reaching out for any book with her name on it. I like her story telling style so much that I don’t mind reading even the gloomy stories, like My Cousin Rachel. Every book that I see by her is a portal to a make believe world that helps me escape from the rushing around of these past few months.

It’s ridiculous how busy I’ve been. It’s ridiculous because I’ve never been this busy before. Sometimes I barely find the time to read! I’m very grateful though that I did find the time to read Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing’. In it he says that any aspiring writer must make the time to read regularly in order to develop language skills, among other necessary skills that are absorbed rather than actively learnt. And every writer must make time to write at least some everyday. That’s part of the reason I’ve been busy.

I’m finally getting paid to write. It’s not very exciting. Sometimes it’s frustrating. But it’s definitely satisfying to sit back and read a completed article.

I write Press Release Articles. And I like it because it’s absorbing and consequently strengthens my writing muscle. Unfortunately I only have so much time to work out in the writer’s gym. I’m also studying for a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. This requires additional time and effort. It doesn’t help that I’m constantly diagnosing myself with new anxiety disorders.

I’ve also joined two libraries. Both offer slightly different collections. Well, one is the university library and I didn’t have much of a choice about becoming a member there since I’ll have to refer to most of its books for study purposes. The other library offers lighter material and is slightly more enticing than the Jayakar Library. However, the English Literature section has a very interesting collection to offer when the Psychology section begins to weigh down my head.

I’m trying to ignore the fact that I haven’t posted for months. Unfortunately my conscience is nudging me with questions about the next time I’ll have to blog. Will the next time be after another 9 or 10 months?

I like writing. And I want to blog regularly! It’s encouraging that my brother and parents push me not to give up blogging. It’s helped me come to the conclusion that if I love blogging as much as I say I do, and if I’m able to resuscitate my blog from a definite death this time, I should invest in nurturing my pet back to health. After all I did complete this post during an interesting lecture in the theories related to Psychological testing.

Well, it was supposed to be interesting.


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