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With exams finally over, I have time to read anything I like. Interestingly, the books I’ve begun my summer reading with are not books I normally classify as pleasure reading. The first book, I borrowed from the University library.  It’s about depression and the treatment in children and young adults using cognitive behavior therapy. I am finding this book very engaging! It even includes worksheets for both the clinician and the young person. I especially like this book for the way in which it elaborates on the different psychological theories that explain depression and demonstrates application through snippet sized case examples.

I’m unable to place exactly what it is about this book, but it’s also encouraging and motivating for me as a student of psychology. Perhaps it’s because I’m comparing it to the last psychology related book I’d borrowed – its author’s writing style was very stern and it used the word ‘novice’ far too many times as a bad word.

Anyway, I like this particular book. It’s insightful, detailed, and absorbing.

The second book I’ve been reading is one I’ve had for years. Philip Yancey’s Reaching for the Invisible God is turning out to be a first time reading experience even though I have read it before. I guess added experience and perspective have altered my interpretation and appreciation of this book. It’s more engrossing the second time around!

This time I found myself marking different passages from the ones I had before, scribbling on the margins, and saying excitedly,  “This is exactly how I feel!” and then in disbelief, “You too?”  There are some parts that make me question the views I currently hold, to which I am forced to respond mentally saying, “I need to think that through carefully”.

I am enjoying this book very much. After the first four chapters I wanted to call my friend, Blessy, and tell her about it. We have the most fascinating talks and seem to experience the exact same things in tandem. Also, she doesn’t roll her eyes at me when I skate between faith and doubt. books reading

I realize these aren’t proper reviews and I am still in doubt, actually, whether I should promise reviews on non-fiction. I’m especially worried about the book on depression, which, however much engaging I may find, is still somewhat textbook-ish. Perhaps when I complete reading the books I may be in a better position to decide.


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