I began this blog in August 2011 without the slightest idea as to what I’d be blogging about. I eventually decided to blog about books since it meant that I’d be getting to do the two things I enjoyed most – reading and writing.

As my blog grew my reading interests evolved from being primarily YA Fiction to the classics, and now I don’t read as much of the classics as I used to 3 years ago. Blogging about the books I read and keeping up with other book blogs appears to have made me more adventurous and broadened my outlook in the reading realm. And while this blog is dedicated to reviewing the books I read, it isn’t all about books. I tend to include other experiences that I find equally intriguing as well.

Open A Book is currently under renovation as I’m looking for ways to make blogging more fun for me. Unfortunately, I’m beginning to find it a little difficult to write primarily about books as my reading tastes have shifted more towards serious nonfiction, something most people generally don’t find entertaining. And while I’d like to write about the things I enjoy, I also want this blog to be useful, or at least interesting. I hope it won’t be too long before I find a way to incorporate my new interests.

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Geetanjali S. Isaiah